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A comprehensive approach to situations in case a couple, that  is opened to conception.


It is a way how to help couples on their journey to have a child in a natural way, without harming their health and without using medicaments with a potential abortive effect.


It helps not only in situations when the conception of a child fails, but also in a situation when it was possible to conceive, but the woman had a miscarriage.


We also recommend this health approach to couples who do not have any problems with their unfulfilled desire for a child yet, but want a healthy conception, pregnancy and delivery.


​NAPROHELP is focused on the mutual fertility of the couple. The reproductive health of the man is a matter from the beginning, including laboratory and other examinations, medical therapy, support of the body with food supplements and other procedures such as physiotherapy or adequate surgery.

Spermiogram is not a condition, actually it is even not recommended for ethical and moral reasons.

For orientation in women's menstrual cycle, the symptothermal method of natural family planning (STM NFP) is used, which is based on a methodology developed in Germany and available in the CENAP materials.


This STM NFP method has high accuracy in interpretation of cycles. This implies both an easy orientation in a cycle for medical doctors and the reliability of the method for the users. Proper orientation in the menstrual cycle according to STM NFP is also possible with irregular and long (oligomenorheic) cycles.

Although the current modern examination and laboratory techniques are used within the NAPROHELP program - ultrasound examinations and other imaging methods, examination of hormonal levels and other biochemical indicators, immunological examinations, microbiological examinations, as well as other medical procedures - if necessary. ), There is a benefit of using STM NFP, there is not necessary to undergo repeated folliculometry or blood sampling for hormone levels in each cycle. This approach reduces the dependence of a patient on a gynaecological surgery and on physician and his time. At the same time, the couple is not stressed by timing the intercourse according to the medical results. In principle, couples are encouraged to be intimate whenever they feel like it, in order to eliminate the situation when the intimate closeness of a couple turns into a pure mechanical „baby-making“ act.

NAPROHELP is characterized by the principle of not harming health and eliminating the use of drugs that have a potential abortive effect. Therefore, no drugs are used to stimulate ovulation within NAPROHELP. If a woman has anovulatory cycles according to STM NFP, the cause of these conditions is sought and treated.

NAPROHELP also does not use ovulation-inducing drugs (for example, based on hCG) because of the risk of artificially induced premature rupture of the follicle and subsequent release of the immature egg. Another reason why we do not recommend the use of these medicines is the subsequent recommendation of timing of sexual intercourse, which may put stress on the „baby-making“ efforts.


NAPROHELP has given rules for the use of gestagens. Gestagens are not used on a general basis, but only in case of STM NFP proved luteal insufficiency. When gestagens are needed, only the "natural" gestagen - progesteronum – is used, and only after ovulation proven by STM - not according to "calendar-days" calculations. This also avoids premature application of gestagens, as can occur if only mucus is observed.

NAPROHELP does not use homeopathy or any other forms of magic. On the contrary, proven food supplements, herbal extracts, rehabilitations are used.


The basic philosophy of NAPROHELP is therefore to cure fertility disorders according to their cause and in that way restore the natural fertility of the couple. Using the knowledge of STM NFP, laboratory assistance, pharmacology, or other medical procedures, and in collaboration with other professionals, not just gynaecologists, it is possible to achieve the desired conception and delivery of a child with a dignity of both parents and children.

Of course, NAPROHELP has its limitations - an active approach of the users is required - monitoring by STM NFP, using appropriate food supplements, in case of proven necessity of pharmacological or surgical treatment undergoing this treatment or adequate physiotherapy. From the medical point of view, it cannot be applied in case of proven obstruction of vas deferens or other serious cause of azoospermia, with proven bilateral obstruction of fallopian tubes or proven serious developmental and other causes of uterine or ovarian defects, which prevent ovulation or implantation.

In spite of the above-mentioned limitations, NAPROHELP meets the condition of respect for life, respect for health, with minimal financial costs with high birth rates, 80% according to the study in 2012.

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